Bond Back Cleaning in Brisbane: What you Need to Know

Bond Back Cleaning in Brisbane

Bond back cleaning is one of the most important things a tenant must consider when moving out of their property. It is vital that you comprehend what is expected of you in order to recover your bond money.


One of the most essential obligations of a tenant is to leave the property looking precisely as it did when you initially moved in. Your landlord or property manager may be more fussy and hypercritical than you may suspect, so a thorough bond back cleaning from a professional may be a necessary requirement to moving out and successfully retrieving your bond money.


Choosing a Reliable Company

A bond back cleaning company, such as Bond Clean Australia, can take all the hassle out of moving. Their team has created an extensive check list to ensure every inch of your rental property is cleaned to the highest standards. This guarantees that you will get your bond money back without hassle.


Landlords often have a check list for their tenants that can be overwhelming and often stressful to look at. Bond back cleaning can eliminate the stress of all necessary cleaning chores that are required at the end of your lease. This includes cleaning chores such as:


  • Professional Carpet Cleaning- Whether you need a powerful cleaning or a major spot clean, your carpet will be revitalized and brought back to life.

  • Tile Cleaning- Tiles will be scrubbed and cleaned through high standards of care and close attention to detail.

  • Outdoor Pavers & Flooring - Outdoor areas need just as much attention as indoor areas. Bond back cleaning includes all outdoor pavers and flooring.

  • Kitchen Cleaning - Professional cleaning of all appliances, sink, cupboards, drawers, floors, and skirting boards.

  • Bathroom Cleaning - Clean and disinfect every aspect of the bathroom including sink, bathtub or shower stall, toilet, tiling, mirrors, benches, etc.

  • Skirting Boards & Scuff Marks - Cleaning scuff marks and skirting boards around your rental home will ensure that the floor cleaning is properly done.

  • Light Fitting Cleaning - Spot clean, dust, and wipe down all light fittings and ceiling lights to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Ceiling Cleaning - Whether your ceiling is dirty, marked, or scuffed, a clean ceiling will complement a clean room for a sparkling finish.

  • Window Cleaning - This includes the outside and inside of each window, fly screens, and detailed spot cleaning.


Bond Clean Australia can provide you with a reliable bond back cleaning service in Brisbane at a price that you can afford. Their team is experienced in all aspects of bond back cleaning and understands what is required to ensure your property is cleaned to the high standards required by property managers or landlords.