What is Bond Cleaning?

Bond back Cleaning in Brisbane

Whether it is time to move out of your rental property or you are in need of a thorough spring cleanup, it is important to understand what you need to do in order reduce the risk of losing your bond. One of the most essential responsibilities that you have as a tenant is to ensure that the property you are leaving is exactly how it was when you first moved in.


Unfortunately, you never know how the property owner will act when it is time to request your bond back. They may be very kind and easy going, and be completely different and picky when it is time to move. For this reason, it is better to keep up with your property so it will always look better than it did when you got there. You do not want to risk losing out on the return of your bond, especially when it equals an entire month of your rent.


When you need your property cleaned to professional standards, you need a thorough bond cleaning by a company you can trust.


Bond Cleaning for the Better

A bond back cleaning is a professional cleaning that is completed by a company that understands how picky a landlord can be when it is time to return a bond. A thorough bond cleaning offers details that include, but are not limited to:


  • Walls & Doors- Clean walls, door, and door frames are important to maintain on the property. Spot cleaning may be required to cover any nicks or dents that were made.

  • Windows, Window Sills, & Screens - Windows, window sills, and screens will be cleaned inside and out. Glass must be streak free and window tracks need to be free of debris.

  • Fans & A/C Units - Fans & air-conditioning units will need dust and dirt removal. Exhaust fans will also need to be washed.

  • Kitchen & Cupboards - There are many corners and small areas of the kitchen, including cupboards, that are often overlooked by the common tenant.

  • Oven & Range Hoods - Dirt and grease will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a spotless oven and satisfy the landlord. Leave the hard work to the professionals.

  • Bathrooms - Bathrooms are the hardest to clean and often require the most elbow grease. From soap buildup to mold and water stains, all problem-areas will be restored.

  • Light Fittings & Skirting Boards - Light fittings and skirting boards will be wiped clean and all grime is to be removed.


Whether a bond cleaning is needed for a tenant to move in or a tenant to move out, a receipt for proof of your professional cleaning is often needed. There is no company better suited to perform this cleaning than Bond Clean Australia.


When you choose Bond Clean Australia, you are choosing perfection. Whether you need a moving clean or a spring cleanup, Bond Clean Australia goes above and beyond to satisfy all of their customers on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Call now and schedule an appointment with a bond cleaning company that you can depend on!