Bond Clean Australia Offers Guaranteed Bond and Move in Cleans

Bond and Move In Cleans Gold Coast

If you are about to move into a new residence, why not avail of Bond Cost Australia's bond and move in cleans in Gold Coast? We will provide a thorough cleaning that ensures you are creating a healthy environment when you start life in your new home. Bond Clean Australia has years of experience in cleaning homes to satisfy even the most critical landlord. We specialize in bond cleaning, which is better known as comprehensive entry and exit cleans. All of our cleaning teams are extensively trained to ensure that they provide the highest quality of cleaning services. Here is a sample of the checklist we use to give you an idea of how detailed the cleaning services we provide are:

Kitchens: Clean inside and outside of cupboards, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Descale and clean kitchen sinks. Damp wipe kitchen counters, door frames, window ledges and skirting boards.

Bathrooms: Wipe and disinfect floors. Descale and clean bathtubs and shower areas. Wipe down mirrors. Disinfect toilets and wipe them down.

Balconies: Remove cobwebs. Don't squash insects. Use bug spray.

Living room: Vacuum carpet edges. Remove cobwebs. Clean windows. Wash and dust window frames and sills. Sweep and vacuum the floors.

Bedrooms: Vacuum and mop the floors. Take out the litter. Remove cobwebs from corners. Wipe down dressers. Dust and wipe down window ledges and sills.

Our thorough cleaning services have resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers who have happily moved into their new homes, and with the peace of mind that they have preserved their bonds. We understand that your busy schedule does not allow you the opportunity to clean the premises the way you would like so we will undertake the job for you, at a very reasonable price. Simply schedule a cleaning with us and we will take care of the rest. You can meet us at the site to let us into the premises or you can leave the keys with your real estate agent for us to pick up and return once the job is done, at no additional cost. Bond Clean Australia services the entire Gold Coast, including the suburbs.

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Bond Clean Australia takes pride in the quality of its work. To ensure the satisfaction of its customers, we offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel that you have not been given the quality of service that you expected, simply get in touch with us and we will remedy the problem at your convenience. And if the bond and move in cleans in Gold Coast do not pass the landlord's final inspection, we will refund all the fees charged for that service.

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